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Composite Fillings in Phoenix AZ

Fillings are used to repair minor cavities, fractures, and cracks in the teeth. Our dentists provide two types of fillings to better meet the dental needs of people in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. Composite fillings are tooth-colored and closely matched to the color of your existing teeth, while amalgam fillings are silver and often a good choice for children’s baby teeth. We can place your amalgam or composite filling in just visit to our office, where our dentist will:

  • Remove the damaged tooth structure
  • Clean the remaining tooth
  • Place, shape, and polish the amalgam or composite filling

Both composite fillings and amalgam fillings are completely safe and effective. If you are interested in learning more about how fillings and restorative dentistry can improve your oral health and function, we invite you to call Dr. Morgan and Associates at your earliest convenience. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you improve your oral health!